About Us


Planticus is founded on the belief that technology does not need to be disruptive to processes but that small adjustment can create massive outcomes reducing the burden of the farmer.

Our solution is incremental in its operations and disruptive in the outcome.

Guy Van Looveren

Founder and CEO

Who are we



Food farmers need innovation to grow enough and grow better for our planet and its people. We have leading research capabilities in technology and data science to provide crop diagnostics at an early stage.

Steve Verhoest

Co-Founder and CTO



The spread of transboundary pests and diseases on food crops where food insecurity is a direct consequence is facilitated by the lack of knowledge and access to technology services to detect pests and diseases. We are setting up sustainable projects in order to provide our technology to local small food crop farmers globally.

Leen, Tine and Gregg

Sustainable Team



We thrive in an environment with creativity around every corner, challenges that keep us on our toes, and peers who inspire us to be the best we can be. We bring different viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences united by our mission to secure food production.

Harry Demey and Christophe Degrez

Member of the Board of Directors