Sustainable projects

Availability is an important dimension of food security. Supplying enough food to the reference population is a necessary, but insufficient, condition for ensuring adequate access for individuals. 

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The spread of transboundary pests and diseases on food crops where food insecurity is a direct consequence is facilitated by the lack of knowledge and access to technology services in order to detect these pests and diseases.

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Together with our partners, we are setting up sustainable projects in order to provide our technology to local small food crop farmers. We conduct research, building networks, and raise awareness of the role of tomatoes for improved health and global poverty.

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Our solution for our sustainable projects is a frontrunner in technology.  We have developed a mobile application called Planticus that is able to:

  • determine whether a food plant is healthy or not

  • detect which kind of pests or disease 

  • inform a biological or organic treatment

Completely build in-house and being used in more than 123 countries globally.