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Planticus is a mobile application created for consumers to let them grow food in a more sustainable way and to let people manage their food.





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How people can use Planticus

Our detection AI informs the consumer whether the plant is healthy or not, what kind of pests and or diseases are present, and how to treat it biologically and organically.

Everybody loves Planticus


Our mission is to secure the world's food production. We at Planticus believe that human-driven technology will improve how food is grown and that people have the right to decide what kind of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with their food.

"Thanks to Planticus, I've discovered in an early stage that my tomato plant was not healthy. Based on the information in Planticus, my plant is saved"

Robert Miller, 

growing food in the lovely Canada

Who are we

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Planticus is used in more than 100 countries globally

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Sustainable projects on 3 different continents

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A very complementary team will ensure our future growth

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Aim for quality will enable us to realize 

our ambition

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Everyone has the right to grow their own food. 

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