Disease is the silent killer of food plants and can start deep inside the plant before manifesting as wilting, browning, molding, and rotting. Through a combination of scientific innovations and technology, we offer food farmers tailored solutions to not only spot disease early but prevent it from taking hold altogether.

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Through the use of artificial intelligence known as machine learning, we are able to discover and diagnose diseases on tomato plants in real-time right from the field, net-house, or greenhouse. The ability to identify and address diseases quickly can have a huge impact on the tomato farmer’s time, resources, and ultimately the productivity of their crops.

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Our goal is to facilitate the smooth flow of information, ensuring its access and appropriation for the food farmer. This in order to enable learning systems to make effective use of the information in the daily tasks and challenges.



We are convinced that quality is a key differentiator in a highly demanding and crucial market like the food production industry. We deliver a qualitative solution to exceed industry standards and satisfy our customers.